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Onboard Clients Faster, Measure Your Impact & Attract New Clients

The #1 easy to use, coach and client facing experience.
You will close more business and onboard clients faster than ever.
Your clients will receive value and not be pushed products by M2BF.

This is Meant2BFree™

Shared experience between coach and client.

Calendar Integration

M2BF Action Items and Reminders

Account Aggregation

M2BF Client Assessment

Client Mobile App

How it works

  1. Invite your clients via the Coach Experience
  2. Have your client download the M2BF app from App or Google Play Store.
  3. You’ll receive a notification when your client is setup.
  4. Enjoy the journey together.

Stop sending your clients spreadsheets.
Stop referring them to DIY personal finance apps.
Send them to a shared experience!

How will you onboard clients faster?
  • 90% of data entry will be completed by your clients via the M2BF app. This data will be available to you via the Coach Experience.

How will you measure your impact?

  • All of your client’s aggregated data will be available to you via the impact metrics dashboard.

How will you attract new clients?

  • Leverage your impact metrics and place them into your email signature, web site and any outward marketing efforts. Set yourself apart from the competition!

Security You Can Trust

At Meant2BFree we are committed to protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your client’s information.

Meant2BFree protects your  client’s data with bank-level security. Their login details are never stored and access to your client’s accounts are read-only.

We have implemented secure connections through unique token authorization for the Coach and Client Experience.

We have also enabled multi-factor authentication for our network protection and security.