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Meant2BFree's Security

Meant2BFree is built in a way that allows customer’s information to be safe and secure as humanly possible. Therefore, we have purposely allocated services like authentication, transactional data aggregation and database management to companies that are experts in these fields. Doing so, alleviates customer concerns and narrows our focus to providing the best coach and client experience.


Authentication to the M2BF mobile platform is handled by Auth0, a company trusted by Global Enterprises (Pfizer, Sharp, Siemens and host of others). Auth0, is in charge of storing and securing your password with their state of the encryption. Your passwords are not stored in the M2BF database. When you sign-in through Meant2BFree we send Auth0 an auto-generated token and they send us one back which authenticates your access.

Check out Auth0’s Compliance Certifications and Privacy Policy.

Data Aggregation

Data Aggregation within Meant2BFree is provided by Envestnet® | Yodlee® is the leading data aggregation and analytics platform enabling innovation and insights.

Check out Envestnet | Yodlee’s Security Policy.

Our Platform

The Meant2BFree platform runs on Amazon Web Service. Amazon Web Service powers 33% of the entire internet. We leverage AWS’s suite of technologies to harden the Meant2BFree platform by encrypting our databases, securing traffic to our application program interfaces (API’s), and source control requiring multi-factor authentication to access these services.

We also leverage the Salesforce Platform, a leading CRM platform for Meant2BFree’s Coach Experience. Salesforce handles authentication to our Coach Experience and all of our back office work.

Check out Amazon’s Privacy, Data and Security Strategies and Salesforce’s Data Privacy and Security Policy

Our Privacy, Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policies can be found here.