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Our dedicated Client Support team is staffed with experts whose goal is to ensure that you get the most out of your Meant2BFree Experience.
For your convenience we provide support through the most-popular channels:
  • Call us Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. through 6:00pm ET at 1-804-719-3965
  • Email us at
  • Chat with us online through this Support Page
We invite you to be apart of development of Meant2BFree.  

If you have an idea, submit it! 

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You decide what works. 


Here are some short video on FAQs

Sign Up

When creating a Meant2BFree account you need to enter your Coach Code.

Add Emergency Fund Goal

You can create any type of Goal in Meant2BFree, here is what to expect when creating an Emergency fund Goal.

Understanding the Summary Cards

There are three summary cards on the Excess Screen. Here is a breakdown of each one.

Excess Screen Overview

Here is an overview of the Excess Screen aka your Budget!

Adding Accounts

We have access to over 17,000 accounts via Fastlink Here is what yo expect when adding your accounts. 

Debt Payment Schedule

You can create any type of Goal in Meant2BFree, here is an explanation of the Payment Schedule when including a Debt Goal. 

Deleting Budget Categories

 Here is a short video on deleting Budget Categories on the Excess Screen.

Excluding Goals

If you don’t want to delete your goals you created, here is how you can exclude them instead.