A coach and client facing platform helping financial organizations scale their efforts.

Stop managing leads in a separate system.

Stop manually inputting client data.

Stop manually tracking client progress.

Say 👋 to a connected experience that highlights the good that you do.

Onboard Clients Efficiently

Built on the Salesforce platform, the M2BF Experience fosters collaboration between the coach and client. We cut out the fluff so coaches can get down to business.

Become a Better Coach

Our partnership with the leading financial coach program allows your coaches to level up their capability as a coach and better serve clients through behavioral changes.

Increase Client Value

In addition to Impact Metrics M2BF has integrations that takes the client experience to the next level: financial planning, financial education and surfacing specialized products. 

All-in-one CRM + Mobile App + Coach Experience

We are more than a platform.

We are dedicated to eliminating the wealth divide .

To do that, organizations like yours need to reach as many people as efficiently possible, without losing quality in the experience.

We have years of experience streamlining business process, cutting through red tape, building scalable solutions and surfacing rich data insights.

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At Meant2BFree we are on a mission to spread freedom.

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