The challenge that inspires our why:



Every 3 years the Federal Reserve releases the Survey of Consumer Finance.

Since the survey inception we have not seen a significant increase in the net worth in Black and Latinx families.

Financial insecurity has become the norm for many families in the US.

According to the United Way, 51 million households are not able to afford basic necessities of housing, child care, food, transportation, healthcare, a smartphone plan and taxes.

16 million households (13%) were in poverty

35 million households (29%)  were ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed)

It takes income to build wealth.

We've experienced the structural and systemic barriers that hold individuals back from building wealth.

Now we have changed our narrative to empowering organizations with the tools to help individuals build wealth at scale.

Meet our CEO

Tatiana (Tash) Billie

Wealth is an important indicator of economic well-being. It allows us to take risk. It allows us to use our talents and resources to innovate and invest in our financial futures. It allows us to give future generations a head start. Wealth is also something so many Black families missed out on because of the structural and systemic barriers in this country.

When I look at the statistics from the Federal Reserve, I don't just see the numbers. I see the people behind those numbers. I see my mother, grandmother, aunts, uncles and cousins. I see generations of families who have been robbed of the benefits of living a financially secure life.

Meant2BFree is empowering people to change their own narrative. We partner with organizations that share the same mission and purpose . As a black family that has experienced financial insecurity we were able to change that narrative for ourselves. Now we focus our attention to building solutions that help organizations scale their efforts.

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